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Location : TAIWAN
Salary : $25,000 USD - $30,000 USD
Benefits : Bonus

ERA are excited to be partnering with a leading B2B iGaming company based in Taipei. Who are seeking an experienced Commercial Director to join their team.




Location : TAIWAN
Salary : $22,000 USD - $30,000 USD
Benefits : Bonus

ERA is excited to be partnering with a leading B2b iGaming business that is looking for an experienced HR Manager to join their team in Taipei, Taiwan..



Fintech Start-Up

Location : EUROPE
Salary : €100,000 EUR - €200,000 EUR
Benefits : Bonus + Benefits

ERA is excited to be partnering with an evolving and growing fintech enterprise, located in Lisbon, Portugal. Dedicated to reshaping the financial sector with forward-thinking technological solutions. Their expertise lies in offering advanced core banking and wallet platforms to facilitate smooth B2B and B2C transactions, robust payment gateways, and innovative open banking initiatives.

Job ref : 175




Location : Malta
Salary : €80,000 - €100,000
Benefits : Bonus

Our Client is a dynamic holding company at the forefront of the iGaming industry, amalgamating an array of innovative online and offline gaming ventures.

Job ref : 174



B2B iGaming

Location : Remote,APAC
Salary : $120,000 USD - $200,000 USD
Benefits : Bonus

ERA is excited to be partnering with a global leader in the Sports Wagering and Media world who is looking to hire an experienced Sales focused Commercial Director to be located remotely in Southeast Asia.

Job ref : 173



iGaming B2B

Location : APAC
Salary : $36,000 USD - $48,000 USD
Benefits : Bonus

ERA are excited to be partnering with a leading B2b iGaming company who are looking for an experienced Marketing Manager to drive their B2B iGaming clients affiliate and streamer marketing initiatives across Asia, specifically Myanmar.

A new ERA

ERA is a specialist provider of executive recruitment services and solutions, to companies requiring highly skilled industry-specific talent, globally.

Our extensive network and expertise ensures that we are always able to deliver on even the most challenging of searches, and would relish the chance to support the growth of your business.

Focusing primarily on iGaming, Blockchain, Crypto, Fintech, FX, and Financial Services industries, ERA provides the gateway to the best talent worldwide.

Industries ERA Support

Your company needs expert employees with the necessary skills to see business objectives through to completion. ERA provides employment solutions and specialised professional expertise to a variety of industries and skill levels.


ERA has a rich history of placing specialised candidates with iGaming businesses worldwide. From big name online gaming brands to exciting challenger start-ups, on both the B2b and B2c side of the industry, we can help you find the very best talent in the space.


We are helping to shape the future of B2B and B2C financial services, from payments and challenger banks to investing and insurance, ERA will be able to help secure you skilled talent with a penchant for industry disruption.


Crypto is a genie that is out of the bottle and not going back! If your business is looking to build in this space or adopt and integrate cryptocurrency, ERA is working with the talent that can help you do this.


As the blockchain industry continues to experience exponential growth, the hunt for talent is incredibly competitive. Whether you are building a NFT or Wallet project, need to enhance security and regulatory compliance, ERA can help secure the best talent in the Web3 space.

Financial Services

ERA recruitment solutions are designed to help financial services organisations respond to critical market demands, regulatory changes, mergers and acquisitions, and technology & business transformation initiatives.


With trillions of dollars being traded daily, the FX industry is a fast paced and lucrative one to be a part of. ERA works alongside foreign exchange businesses to find them the best talent. From Brokers to C-Level, we will be able to help your business scale.


Esports is a booming and exciting industry. Year on Year it experiences exponential growth and there is no let up in this forecasting as it’s following grows, globally. ERA is working with some of the best talent in the Esports market and plenty more looking to enter the space.


Digital payments are the backbone of today’s global economy. Services like card-issuing, treasury management, debit, ACH, and bill-payment are vital to the success of businesses in any industry. ERA has helped some of the biggest and best companies scale and enter new global markets.

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